Acoustic Ply

Photo courtesy of Austral Plywoods

Acoustics are an important component of many design and construction projects. Acoustic panelling is important in settings such as concert halls, auditoriums, lecture halls, and gymnasiums. While acoustic panels visually complement any environment, it’s the sound-enhancing properties of acoustic panels that make the greatest contribution to its use in construction. Absorbing incidental noise, acoustic panels preserve the serenity and tranquillity of any busy environment.

VJS Joinery Supplies provide numerous acoustic options for wall and ceiling linings by way of perforations and slots. Perforations and slots are available in a number of patterns, providing a finish that is both functional and decorative.

We recommend Premium A/C (Hoop Pine), A/A (Radiata) Exterior Non-Structural and Premium Birch Multiply for acoustic purposes, using this will produce a lighter and brighter finish.

Many other substrate options are also available including MDF Board and fire retardant panels.

Clear finishing, edge sealing and the application of sound absorbing backing material options are also available.

Standard panel sizes: Varies dependent upon substrate.

Varies dependent upon substrate.