Acrylic Panels

Contemporary & Sleek

VJS Joinery Supplies proudly supply UltraGloss(r) and UltraGlaze superior high gloss acrylic panels. Acrylic panels provide a superior appearance, quality and finish making it the preferred choice for interior designers and architects.

Acrylic Panels are fully recyclable, resistant to both heat and moisture, manufactured without any harmful emissions and are hygienic, meaning it doesn’t promote or transfer bacterial growth. Acrylic is highly scratch resistant and cannot chip, crack or delaminate. Any minor scratches can be easily removed by hand with selected liquid polishes and soft cloth, also available from VJS Joinery Supplies.

Colour matched 1mm ABS edging is also available for all colours.

This innovative product is ideal for kitchens, offices, wardrobes and all types of furniture.