Edgebanding Glue

Hot melt adhesives are perfect for bonding straight edges, soft forming, post forming, profile wrapping and more. Emulsion adhesives are excellent for sheet and veneer applications, solid wood, assembly, adhesives for waterproof bonding and more.  Our membrane press adhesives are Polyurethane based emulsion adhesives for membrane press-bonding. Check out all our quality woodworking adhesives under the RAKOLL® brand name.

RAKOLL® Woodworking Adhesives:

Hot melt adhesives:     

Hot melt adhesives for bonding a wide range of materials at straight edges, soft forming, post forming, profile wrapping, etc.
Hot melt adhesives based on all common raw material components such as EVA, polyamide, polyolefins and polyurethane.
Available as filled or unfilled systems and in pellets or cartridge form. 15kg boxes

Jowat Hot Melt Glue:

Jowat 280.30
Unfilled Hotmelt Pellets – Natural (25kg)

Jowat 288.60
Semi-filled Hotmelt Pellets – Natural (25kg)

Jowat 288.61
Hotmelt Pellets – White (25kg)

Jowat 280.58
Hotmelt – Transparent (25kg)