First Class Drawer Systems

ArciTech and InnoTech – two systems, one aim: to create marks of distinction with cost-effective platform concepts. Providing luxurious running action and exceptional stability, the innovative ArciTech system sets new standards in the drawer. InnoTech means tried and proven quality, high functionality as well as cleverly designed interior organisation.

Drawer system – ArciTech

Made for the future: the innovative ArciTech drawer system sets new standards in drawers.

  • Unequalled running action that speaks quality in high-end furniture.
  • Exceptional stability for maximum creative flexibility in choosing front panel formats and materials and for furniture that brings lasting pleasure.
  • Incredibly broad product lineup based on a single platform, making it possible to set furniture apart and tailor it to consumer preferences.

Technical details in brief

  • 3 drawer side profile heights
  • 8 lengths
  • 7 rear panel heights
  • In stainless steel and in silver, white, anthracite or champagne colour finishes
  • Side elements for pot-and-pan drawers in two height, railings
  • Runners: 40, 60 and 80 kg – Silent System
  • Push to open, Push to open Silent, Easys


Drawer system – InnoTech Atira

The drawer system InnoTech Atira makes a feature of its edges and corners and in doing so offers individual potential for creativity.

  • Sharp contours, a choice of colours and diverse side elements complemented by a wealth of interior organisation solutions. No other drawer system provides this level of individuality.
  • One platform, endless options: With lean production for a broad range of furniture.
  • Reliable quality and ease of use

Technical details in brief

  • 2 drawer side-profile heights
  • 7 lengths
  • 4 rear panel heights
  • Colours silver, white
  • Side elements for front extensions in two heights, railings, Metal or glass TopSides below the railing
  • Quadro runner systems: full extensions 30 kg and 50 kg
  • Opening systems Push to open optionally integrated into the runner, Easys


Drawer system – InnoTech

The InnoTech drawer system provides a wealth of options for meeting personal wishes and needs – this gives your customers added value and you a mark of distinction. InnoTech makes it easy and inexpensive to carry external design and materials through to the cabinet interiors. Perfect in form and function, InnoTech adds convenience and captivating ideas to any space. Switch e. g. from your single wall drawer system to InnoTech and exploit the broad range of upgrade possibilities.
Technical details in brief

  • 1 drawer side-profile heights
  • 4 lengths
  • 3 rear panel heights
  • Colour white
  • Quadro runner systems: part extensions 25 kg
  • Silent System 25 kg