FulaSealPRO 660 High Performance

FulaSealPRO 660 High Performance is a high modulus, premium grade, neutral cure silicone sealant for a wide range of industrial, glazing, cladding, automotive and assembly applications.

FulaSealPRO660™ Silicone Sealant has extra high body reducing the risk of slumping when used on sloping surfaces, and exhibits superior adhesion on a wide range of surfaces.

Key Benefits

  • Quick skin time
  • Excellent weathering and UV resistance
  • For use with potable (drinking) water (AS4020-1999)
  • Neutral Cure


Fibreglass, Aluminium, Steel, Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Plastics (pre-test), Timber, Concrete


Translucent, Black

Not recommended for

Permanent submersion where water is allowed to contact bond line, structural bonding, aquariums. Not paintable. *Pre test recommended for EPDM substrates.