Hardware & Accessories

We stock everything you need for your project. VJS Joinery Supplies is truly your one stop shop when it comes to hardware and accessories. Selecting the right hardware and accessories can transform your project to the next level. We have a huge range of cabinet hardware and accessories in stock now.

  • Cabinet Legs
  • Particle Board Screws
  • Door Stops
  • Drawer Runners
  • Hinges
  • Cable Entries
  • Wardrobe Tracks
  • Shelf Supports
  • Repair Crayons
  • Brackets
  • Waste bins
  • Hettich Wingline Bi-Fold Systems
  • Benchtop Connectors
  • Screw Caps and Stickers
  • Lazy Susans
  • Castors
  • Catches
  • Edging
  • Track & Fittings
  • Wireware and Pantry Units
  • Clear Bumpers
  • Push to Open Pins



First Class Drawer Systems

ArciTech and InnoTech – two systems, one aim: to create marks of distinction with cost-effective platform concepts. Providing luxurious running action and exceptional stability, the innovative ArciTech system sets new standards in the drawer. InnoTech means tried and proven quality, high functionality as well as cleverly designed interior organisation.

Drawer system – ArciTech

Made for the future: the innovative ArciTech drawer system sets new standards in drawers.

  • Unequalled running action that speaks quality in high-end furniture.
  • Exceptional stability for maximum creative flexibility in choosing front panel formats and materials and for furniture that brings lasting pleasure.
  • Incredibly broad product lineup based on a single platform, making it possible to set furniture apart and tailor it to consumer preferences.

Technical details in brief

  • 3 drawer side profile heights
  • 8 lengths
  • 7 rear panel heights
  • In stainless steel and in silver, white, anthracite or champagne colour finishes
  • Side elements for pot-and-pan drawers in two height, railings
  • Runners: 40, 60 and 80 kg – Silent System
  • Push to open, Push to open Silent, Easys


Drawer system – InnoTech Atira

The drawer system InnoTech Atira makes a feature of its edges and corners and in doing so offers individual potential for creativity.

  • Sharp contours, a choice of colours and diverse side elements complemented by a wealth of interior organisation solutions. No other drawer system provides this level of individuality.
  • One platform, endless options: With lean production for a broad range of furniture.
  • Reliable quality and ease of use

Technical details in brief

  • 2 drawer side-profile heights
  • 7 lengths
  • 4 rear panel heights
  • Colours silver, white
  • Side elements for front extensions in two heights, railings, Metal or glass TopSides below the railing
  • Quadro runner systems: full extensions 30 kg and 50 kg
  • Opening systems Push to open optionally integrated into the runner, Easys


Drawer system – InnoTech

The InnoTech drawer system provides a wealth of options for meeting personal wishes and needs – this gives your customers added value and you a mark of distinction. InnoTech makes it easy and inexpensive to carry external design and materials through to the cabinet interiors. Perfect in form and function, InnoTech adds convenience and captivating ideas to any space. Switch e. g. from your single wall drawer system to InnoTech and exploit the broad range of upgrade possibilities.
Technical details in brief

  • 1 drawer side-profile heights
  • 4 lengths
  • 3 rear panel heights
  • Colour white
  • Quadro runner systems: part extensions 25 kg
  • Silent System 25 kg


Sinks, Taps and Appliances

Create A Beautiful Home – With Modena.

Modena offers you an extensive suite of beautiful, functional appliances and accessories for kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

From your product research and selection to delivery and after-sales support, Modena offers an impressive spectrum of services and stock, allowing you to relax and enjoy the process of creating a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Home Builders and Renovators

If you’re an individual seeking quality appliances and accessories for your new home or renovation, Modena offers a full service to help you plan, design and decide on the best products for you and your family.

Builders And Kitchen Specialists

If you’re from the building, kitchen or cabinet making sectors, Modena can offer you a reliable supply of first-class quality appliances and accessories to recommend to your customers.

Carb I Tool

Woodworking Products

Carb-I-Tool Router Bits

  • Solid Carbide
  • Carbide Tipped
  • Diamond Tipped
  • Diamond Coated
  • Replaceable Insert
  • High Speed Steel

3D Router Carver

Carbide Tipped Saw Blades

  • Carb-I-Tool Bench Range
  • Trade Blade Portable Range


  • Hand Plane Blades
  • TCT and HSS Buzzer Blade
  • Carbide Tipped Buzzer Blades
  • Wood Boring Drills (TCT and Diamond Tipped)
  • TCT Holesaws
  • Indexable Inserts
  • Carbide Tipped Hole Saws
  • Drill/Countersink Bits
  • Indexable Inserts
  • HSS Buzzer Blade


Drawer Runners

Hettich drawer runners.  When it comes to runners and drawers, product diversity from Hettich is unbeatable. With an option for any loading capacity, tried and proven established ball-bearing slides and the unique Quadro runner provide the best solution for convenient, reliable drawer opening and closing in all classes of furniture.

Quadro System

Precision based on principle: Thanks to the ball bearing principle, a Quadro runner guarantees lasting peak performance and maximum comfort in drawer systems. Concealed elegantly beneath the drawer panel.

  • Long-lasting ease of use thanks to steel ball bearing
  • High-precision runners for smooth and easy running
  • Extensive programme for different drawer sizes, design and comfort requirements
  • Partial extension, full extension
  • Load: up to 50 kg
  • Lengths: 250 – 680 mm
  • Mounting: cabinet side and base
  • Concealed runner
  • Plug-on/slide-on installation
  • Self-closing Stop Control, Silent System dampening or Push to open opening system integrated

Ball-Bearing Runners

Ball-bearing slides from Hettich use a perfected component: A ball. Hard steel balls run in precision profiles, providing lateral stability and easy action for drawers in all materials, in all sizes and also carrying heavy loads. Time and again, virtually indestructible. These runners provide options for part, full and over-extension runners.

Technical details in brief

  • Partial extension runner, Full extension runner, Over extension
  • Loading capacityg: 0 – 136 kg
  • Drawer lengths: 155 – 910 mm
  • Mounting: drawer side, drawer base
  • Visible runner

Roller Runners

Hettich lets drawers roll. Drawer runners with integrated self-closing feature provide noticeable convenience opening and closing them – from roll-out prevention to straightforward drawer removal.

The technology is simple, safe, durable, providing tolerance flexibility and easy to use in production. Efficient runner quality from Hettich.

Technical details in brief

  • Partial extension runner, Overextension runner
  • Loading capacity: 0 – 100 kg
  • Drawer lengths: 250 – 1000 mm
  • Mounting: drawer base
  • Visible runner

Smooth Drawer System by DTC

Super smooth fully synchronised soft close drawer runners. When you want the highest quality, backed by a lifetime warranty but need it at a price you can afford, then look no further than the Smooth Drawer System by DTC.