Max Bond™ Rapid Cure

Max Bond™ Rapid Cure is a rigid/hard set polyurethane adhesive.

Max Bond™ Rapid Cure is a rigid/hard set polyurethane for where strong, stress-resistant bonding is required. Waterproof to D4 classification makes it suitable for exterior applications. Max Bond™ Rapid Cure needs only one hour clamping times in most conditions.

Key Benefits

    • Rapid cure – one hour clamping time
    • Water resistance – interior and exterior (D4 class)
    • Bonds to most substrates Will not allow joints to move or flex
    • Foams slightly if not clamped, bond strength significantly improves when clamped


Concrete, Particleboard, Steel, Fibre Cement, Timber, Plywood



Not recommended for

Applications where the joints will be permanently immersed in water. Not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon surfaces. Cure time will be increased when used where no moisture may reach adhesive,e.g. between two non porous surfaces.