The Egger and Motivi gloss laminate surfaces are high gloss laminates designed to create a light, polished benchtop that leaves a truly lasting impression. Adding even more depth to the Nikpol decor palette, Motivi gloss laminates and Egger  Laminates are resistant to marks, scuffs and abrasions, giving them a superior, long-lasting finish.


When shape, colour and texture are just as important as function, Egger Worktops deliver an attractive finish to heavy use areas. Egger Worktops feature a Drip Edge providing added safety and moisture protection, making them perfect for not only offices and living room furniture but kitchens and bathrooms as well.


Leading the way by investing in innovation Egger has been able to develop decors and textures that recognise the desire for natural and authentic looks and textures. Feelwood is like a veneer without the premium price.
The aesthetic look of the Egger Feelwood Melamine, follow the current trend towards a more natural and authentic look.


The new PerfectSense technology has pushed the boundaries of decorative design. Egger has developed two opposite and opposing directions – extreme matt and gloss – we call it PerfectSense Matt and PerfectSense Gloss.
A revolutionary UV coating further enhances the durability of the surface. The PerfectSense surface also includes no-fingerprint technology.


Eurolight® Lightweight boards is a brand new wood based panel that opens up a new dimension for furniture construction and interior fittings. Low in weight, with increased stability, Egger Eurolight® delivers the maximum board weight reduction possible without losses in load capacity.


The J-Handle is a handle-free solution by Nikpol. A unique J-shaped front edge provides an ergonomic and convenient handle. Furthering design and planning in various applications.