What is Postforming?

It’s a question many people ask and the answer isn’t too complicated.  Essentially postforming is the process of making flat sheets of laminate fold smoothly over the rounded edge of a sub-strata.  It’s just one in a series of techniques used to produce a benchtop or door.

Through a sophisticated combination of heat and pressure application, the laminate is rolled over the profiled edge of the substrate.  The application of heat allows the laminate to be formed without cracking.  Bonding of the laminate to the substrate is effected by applying environmentally friendly PVA glue. By utilising the latest flow through and static techniques, VJS Joinery Supplies (VJS) are perfectly placed to offer volume, quality and flexibility.

The result is an attractive finish to the edge of your newly manufactured benchtop or door.


Innovative tight radius bench top developed to offer 3mm radius to compete with manufactured stone products at a more economical price.

Aesthetically & modern square edge look. Available in most commercially available High-Pressure Laminates. Manufactured in 32mm and 38mm thickness using the latest European technology.
Smartform® is available in curved or straight ends only (rolled ends are not available) and may not be suitable in all laminate brands colours or finishes.


Developed to make a more aesthetically pleasing profile/edge type.


This is a benchtop that VJS Joinery Supplies produces, featuring a 90-degree angle.


First of the tight radius profile.


Original profile. Available in all brands of High-pressure laminate.

Square Form 4mm

It has a 38mm thickness as standard with a white melamine backing.

Shark Nost and Shark Nose Reversed

A typical application in the office/desk environment.