Raw Board

Raw MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is both stronger and denser than Particleboard and can be used similarly to plywood. MDF panels are ideal for renovations and furniture. Our raw MDF board comes in a wide selection of sizes and thicknesses ranging from 1.8mm to 50mm. Also available is a Moisture Resistant MDF.


Black Core MDF

Black Core MDF is a coloured toxin-free MDF with low concentration of formaldehyde (E1 Classification). Any scratches or damages to its surface can be easily repaired. Ideal for Feature Walls, Splashbacks, Toilet Cubicles, Furniture. Available in 12mm & 18mm of 2440×1220 sheet size.

Fire Retardant MDF

Fire Retardant MDF is available where those projects require a level of Fire Protection. Available in Pink, Black and Natural.


Raw Particleboard

 Raw Particleboard (Chipboard) And HMR Particleboard

The staple product for all cabinet makers, shopfitters and handymen. Lightweight, yet strong and stable, Particleboard is perfect for indoor use such as Shelving, and Moisture Resistant Particleboard where moisture is present, such as in kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Moisture resistant, protects against damp or humid conditions. Particleboard is the most commonly used substrate for applying laminates in benchtop applications, and provides the most economical option for general indoor building requirements.

MR or Moisture Resistant Particleboard is a type of particleboard with a special water-resistant resin added to the panel to ensure moisture resistance properties. MR Particleboard is specifically produced for use in areas subject to high humidity or occasional wetness.


  • Substrate for laminating kitchen cupboards
  • Bathroom tables
  • Dishwasher bench cavity lining
  • Furniture for tropical areas


12, 16, 18, 25 and 33 mm


Melamine & Raw

Cabinetry, shelving, wall units, furniture, etc.