VJS Joinery Supplies can provide you with custom-made mirrors to any specifications. You can choose 4mm or 6mm mirrors depending on your application.

Digital Print

Make an impact with a creative print. Use an image, pattern, text, illustration or graphic to create a truly one-off piece.

Mirror Shine Splashbacks

A truly reflective splashback to take on the rooms’┬ácolours and textures. The toughened glass has a mirrored back to create a very sophisticated and modern look. Also available in Black and Smokey mirror.

Clear vs Starphire

When choosing your splashback you need to think about what type of glass you will use. The two to choose from is Clear and Starphire. The Clear glass has a green tint to it and is a standard glass. Suitable for use with dark colours or with whites when you are looking for the light Read more…